nobody politics pt. ii

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nobody politics: anonymity, privacy, hiding, safety, good for surviving fascism, escape, repose, contemplation, patience, timeless, ageless, humility, subterfuge, insurgency, solidarity, spying, breaking and entering, slipping away, inside jokes, the party, barter system, rolling eyes, obscurity, dignity, mass graves, plowing, consideration, motherhood, easily forgotten, martyrdom, cremation, holding hands, the hanged man, jesus christ, plague, in prison, mask up, crushes, sidewalk cracks, scholarship, aspirations, hope, growth, future, peace, quiet.

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somebody politics: hustling, competitive, on display, for consumption, isolated, critical, judgmental, plastic surgery, market relations, withering, naked, hungry, celebrity, hungry, fascism, permanent record, distraction, shop-aroundism, fronting, youtube, lack of commitment, sociopath, cutthroat, 24 hour news cycle, decay, here today gone tomorrow, sciolism, betrayal, capital, exploitation, BOGO, mask off, domination, relic, megachurch and prosperity gospel, narcissism, emptiness, taxidermy, manipulation, rotting, taking advantage of others or being taken advantage of.

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