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This is a world in which the neoliberal ethic of intense possessive individualism and financial opportunism has become the template for human personality socialisation. This is a world that has become increasingly characterised by a hedonistic culture of consumerist excess. It has destroyed the myth (though not the ideology) that the nuclear family is the solid sociological foundation for capitalism and embraces, however tardily and incompletely, multiculturalism, women’s rights and equality of sexual preference. The impact is increasing individualistic isolation, anxiety, short-termism and neurosis in the midst of one of the greatest material urban achievements ever constructed in human history.

D. Harvey 2010 – “The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism”



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  1. This blog. I like it. It v. nice.

  2. Hi Emma, you live in Amman, how interesting is that! 🙂
    I’d like to ask you what do you mean by “atomization” of society?
    Is it an increasing disconnectedness of its members?
    I’m happy I found this site, so many interesting discussions here and sharp ideas, with which I tend to agree.
    My main “doubt” regarding imperialism, not necessarily an objection, is if it’s actually possible to defeat it with any “war”/direct fight, or if the best solution would be just that to let it “dissolve” in its own inconsistencies.

  3. ps.: I’m sorry, I just saw the following “definition” in your latest post,
    “… Atomization is the isolation of a person from their “institutions of support”, meaning, essentially, not just their fellow human being, but also the traditional ways of reading and perceiving knowledge, through history or dialectical reasoning.
    The atomized individual is “intellectually rebellious”, cut off from the ability to reason correctly and confused by constantly shifting parameters – relying on their own atomized and manipulated environment in order to successfully parse reality.
    A strategy as old as time is to successfully make the person feel like they came up with the idea to oppress themselves. The fresh coat of paint here is to make everyone relate to their own oppression in an intimate, ego-shaping way. The individual’s decision – once they choose oppression, of course – is a sacred decision; their reasoning and their motivations are private and autonomous… “

    The “constant shift” is necessary to avoid deepening of the thought, and emancipation of the person from the oppressor. Selfishness is used to avoid bonding to others in similar situation.

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