Patriot’s Day and The Myth of the Tree of Liberty

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
– Thomas Jefferson

Americans have had a nasty habit of killing each other. Ever since our inception, ours is a nation that demands Blood Sacrifice. Children are taught to read the above quote with a fondness towards their slave-owning Founding Father, but the truth is that at the center of liberty lies a gaping maw waiting for pain and death to be poured. Lynchings and slave trade, Civil War and Native American genocide… the list goes on. Political theorists often say America is more prone to fascism than to socialism when it falls on hard times. What do you think?

Recently, the tone of aggression in our country is growing more and more fascistic. Dr. Chomsky elucidates:

You can make the argument that Dr. Chomsky and others are free to express themselves in the United States and that this actually exonerates the kind of fascist speech going on in America today.  However, Rosa Luxemburg lived and worked in Germany for 20 years before she was sacrificed on the alter of Nazi inception.  You can never make the case that storm clouds aren’t gathering just because your intellectuals are allowed to speak their minds.

Beck: “I hope to God I’m wrong” about upcoming crises but if you’re “honestly looking at the track record” I’m usually right

Beck: We’re “on the eve of” “trouble,” “it’s coming”

Can you listen to some of the rhetoric in America and deny there is a problem? As Dr. Chomsky warns, the “Tea-Party” activists enjoy wide popular support in America. They are being consistently egged on by major organs of news media. Like the coup orchestrators in Venezuela,  it is possible that major business interests are intentionally rallying the population to water the tree of liberty with some all-nourishing patriot blood.

Unlike a George Bush, who makes his sacrifices in the slaughter of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan, Barack Obama can not rouse the same dedication to mass destruction at this point in his presidency. The gaping maw of liberty groans in anguish and hunger. The standard bearers who bear arms openly at the soft flank of our government, upholding the principles of “our nation”, clamor for blood sacrifice.

Millions of people are listening and fear and rage are growing in their hearts. Beck even cynically eggs on the fascist dribble by citing Martin Luther King Jr.

There is no doubt that America exists as a neo-imperial state, sucking resources dry and exploiting labor all over the world. But the Tree of Liberty doesn’t just demand tyrants (enemy) blood, it also demands bloodshed from patriot (citizen) sources. Americans lunge too quickly for their guns and are too eager to fire on each other as well as the rest of the world. This feeding frenzy puts the country at the center of a draco-spiral, something that inevitably consumes itself and the rest of the host with it. Is that Liberty?

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