link roundup

How did Denam Drew feel about people watching his brain while he looked at shoes?

“It’s a little weird but it’s not too invasive. I don’t have too crazy reactions to shoes,” he said, walking through the mall with his head wired up in an EEG cap and still wearing the eye tracking goggles.

Capitalism. Am I right? CBC dives into neuromarketing.

Meanwhile, scientists are quickly finding new ways to make you smooth and supple between the ears by burning your pleasure center for a 10% better chance at kicking heroin.

Politico covers the new embarassing AIG ad campaign thanking American citizens for filling the 1%’s pockets with even more undeserved and unearned money.

I’d hear this sort of thing all the time when I was living in Palestine, but it seems as though Israel is getting more serious about keeping foreigners sympathetic to Palestinians out of the 48.

Despite it all, Egypt’s labor movement is stronger than ever and this is threatening to the powers that currently be. The unsung heroes of the Arab Spring get a work-up in the Egyptian Independent.

Meanwhile, and thank god, Amith Gupta takes on the orientalism surrounding the recent protests against rape in India for Jadaliyya.


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