I’m leaving again

Do you know what’s messed up? When 150,000 people are having their water shut off by capitalists in Detroit. The government there let it happen. People didn’t pay their water bills, so now they don’t get water.

I was born in a country where this happens.

There are camps set up on army bases right now in this country filled with thousands and thousands of children. They live behind barbed wire, they share a bathroom with 600 other kids. Most are children who are running from a brutal, US-backed coup in Honduras, where hundreds of children have been disappeared this year so far. Still, the white racists stand by the side of the road and hurl slurs and threats at these children as they are bussed in.

Many of the people I love live here.

The homeless are miserable, sick, need help and a place to stay. Every day on the train, the collective cringes as “Ladies and gentlemen,” loudly interrupts everyone’s game of solitaire. There are over 60,000 homeless in New York City, where the average rent is over $3,000 per month. There are around 23,000 homeless children in the same city that shelters all the banks, the NYSE. The New York Times.

So I’m leaving again.

Honestly, it makes me a little crazy living here. I need a break, and I have the opportunity to go elsewhere, doing something that makes me feel useful. Not that I didn’t feel useful organizing or working in publishing. I learned a lot. I met amazing people and stood in solidarity with them. I wrote a book. But my heart is in hiding here, it’s too painful right now. I was born here and my family lives here, but this government makes me crazy and I have to go for a minute. There are hardships elsewhere but I feel like I do better and work more effectively elsewhere for the time being.

I was heartened to meet so many amazing comrades, who all do such hard work. I will do what I can. I’m leaving my books here, so I’ll be back.

One response to “I’m leaving again

  1. Good luck. Look after yourself too.

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