conspiracies no. 2

“Just watch, now that you have more advertising in the West Bank, you’re going to see this message creeping in: ‘You deserve it.’ It’s not about community, it’s about you. That’s the death knell for the society. That will finally drive the wedge between the Palestinians and their community. When people are out for “me, me, me”, it’s over. The community is the only thing holding them together. What the Israelis may not understand -or maybe they do and what’s happening is intentional- is that the biggest barrier they face is the tie that binds the Palestinians together, the glue that solidifies their protest. The fact that the neighbors bring over food. The men sitting out back singing old Palestinian folk songs late into the night. Once they destroy that sense of community the population is finally anesthetized, an anesthetized population doesn’t have the energy or the desire to resist the occupation. They buy into it, pun intended.”

2 responses to “conspiracies no. 2

  1. why wouldIfillthisout

    It’s cute how people think that if they wrap an idea around a set of facts and it fits, than they’ve achieved validity.

    In reference to the actual subject matter: people get upset when other people don’t want what they want. It’s easier sometimes to blame external forces but the truth is, they’re buying what’s sold, both literally and figuratively. Distrust anyone that’s pushing continuation of misery, and perpetuation of aggression. It’s the wrong way for the wrong thing.

  2. I don’t really understand your criticism, unless you’re suggesting that adopting Western values and styles of consumption into a society is (a) voluntary and (b) equal to cessation of misery and end of aggression.

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